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Since I began writing in 2011, it's been my very good fortune to meet other authors and, on occasion, to be able to help them on their journey to publication.  It would make me very happy if you would kindly visit their sites and, if you have social media accounts, to share their websites with your friends and contacts.  Networking is such an important part of any Independent creative life, because you never know when you might make that one contact who will help you onto the next stage!  I think of it as 'paying it forward' although it costs nothing, except a few moments of your time.  Thank you! 

About averil

Averil Branson was born in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, but moved down to South Ealing, London when she was just under a year old with her parents where she grew up with her elder sister, Cathy. Her father, Bert Reeves was a Londoner. He sadly died when she was just three years old. Her personal struggle with emotions surrounding the loss of her father so young, are evident in her book, ‘Watching Over Me,’ and the sequel, ‘Unreachable,’ which she is currently working on. She has appeared on local TV giving an interview about her books and has had several articles about them published in the local papers too.


Averil now resides in Gosport, Hampshire with her husband Peter. They share their home with a scatty Chihuahua-cross named Lexi and Mad Max, an abusive parrot. She is a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who has a passion for writing and has written humorous stories for both children and adult reading. She says if she can make one person laugh then it was all worth the effort for you can never ever have too much laughter in your life. Her children’s book, ‘Living With Matilda,’ was inspired by her youngest son’s antics with his pet rat.


Averil’s other interests are history and most kinds of music, classical guitar being one of her favourites. She plays a little herself, although she is the first to admit, she ain’t no budding John Williams.

Elaine says:  I first met Averil at the Hursley Park Book Fair in June 2018. Our stalls were next to each other and we soon got chatting. I love Averil's boundless enthusiasm; her love for her characters and stories shines out like a beacon. I was amazed to discover that Averil didn't have a website, so I offered to create one for her.   You can find out more, including links to purchase Averil's books at:



Colin George grew up in the Frimley, Camberley area and has a deep affection for the town and surrounding countryside as well as an extensive knowledge of its history.


Colin published the first in what will be a series of bedtime stories for children after his sister Tracey lost her battle with cancer in 2017, and he decided to raise money for the hospice which cared for her. The limited edition sold out in days.  

In addition to writing about Pog's many adventures, Colin enjoys cycling and collecting mobile phones! 

Elaine says:  'I first learned about Colin's Pog stories when a colleague overheard him say that he was writing a book and suggested that he talk to me about getting it into print. As it turned out, Colin had already found a printer, but I was able to help with proof-reading and formatting the first edition. I loved 'Pog & The Missing Wheel' and ordered several copies because members of my family wanted some too - they were just in time for Christmas!  


Colin didn't have a website for Pog, so I set one up. As Autumn 2018 approaches we are aiming to get Pog onto Amazon. Colin has many more Pog adventures lined up, and I can't wait to read them!'


Tracey Ashcroft is an accomplished artist whose animal and human portraits are very popular with family, friends and strangers alike. 'An Act of Devotion' was published as an eBook in 2013, with an updated edition to follow soon.

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