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EJ Jackson contributes to Carbon 60's first anthology

of science-fiction stories  

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The future. A place where science will surpass all expectations, creating technological marvels which will lead to an era of peace, with the world finally uniting to establish a Utopian society. We will finally become the masters of our own destiny, taking control of all we have created. Maybe not. What if technology fails us? How would we survive in a world with no internet or any of the modern devices which we take for granted? Perhaps the future may see the dawn of a new era where humanity becomes subservient to the very technology that it has created. What if we are responsible for our own demise? One theme, seven authors and a collection of short science fiction stories, based on a day in the life of people living in alternative futures. The world of tomorrow may not be so bright. The future may be darker than you imagine

available now on Amazon!

The Journey & Other Short Stories - sci-fi

New Leaf - Romance

The Methuselah Paradox - sci-fi

'Minding Mama'

a new comic book series


EJ Jackson


Dan Schaefer

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