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How long do you want to live? 

A fire in 1979

A fatal road accident in 1990

A kidnapping in 2015


How are they linked?



Manchester, 1979: 


Young Ian Hammond loses his mother in the Woolworth’s fire of May 1979, and university student Peter King is saved by a stranger.


Thirty-six years later, the adult Hammond (now a Detective Inspector with the Greater Manchester Police) is surprised to see a face from that tragic day to surface in connection with the disappearance of young Genetics researcher Emma Morgan.  


Emma’s parents, Eva and Tom, are frantic. The Morgans are no strangers to loss: Eva’s first husband and daughter died in a road accident in 1990, and Tom’s three-year-old son from a previous marriage succumbed to a disease called Progeria.


Who is James Moran?


When a retired Metropolitan Police Detective spots a link between the deaths of Eva’s husband and daughter in 1990 and Emma’s disappearance, Hammond and his team finally have a suspect – James Moran, a Security Guard at Xeon Genetics. But Moran is only in his late thirties … too young to have been the same man seen at the crash site in 1990.


As the desperate hunt for Emma and her abductor continues, Hammond wrestles with the memories that Moran’s unlikely reappearance have reawakened, and Eva and Tom’s already fragile relationship is tested to breaking point as they contemplate the loss of another child.


The truth about Moran’s identity will shock them all.



Set in modern-day Manchester, where the world of the scientific researcher meets the pedestrian reality of the twenty-first century detective, ‘The Methuselah Paradox’ is a blend of speculative fiction and gritty crime mystery.  

                  'The Methuselah Paradox'
The Detective, The Scientist, The Enigma: 
                D.I Ian Hammond
     Emma Morgan                            James Moran



Video by

Book cover by Rachel Lawston

Character art by Catherine Archer-Wills


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