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Crowdfunding Issue One 

Stage One of our campaign to create a top-notch trailer/pitch video is complete, with the trailer live  on our crowdfunding campaign page on Patreon . 

'Minding Mama' will be an ongoing comic book series about the adventures of young mother Mama and her faithful FarmBot, Cyril, as they set out to find other survivors on an Earth made almost uninhabitable by decades of intense solar flare activity. Humanity has fled underground, living a twilight existence as the survivors try to grow crops using hydroponics. On the surface, only the FarmBots can withstand the exposure to UV radiation as they try to cultivate UV-resistant food crops. But both the hydroponic equipment and the FarmBots are old and starting to malfunction...

If you'd like to be help us create the first issue, you can earn yourself some unique and very collectible goodies (including signed original art) via a selection of rewards. Check out our dedicated website   for more information - or if you'd just like to keep up with the news, please sign up to our updates by using the contact form below. 


Well the past couple of years has been distracting, to say the least. Here's hoping you are all safe and well, and  thank you all for your patience!  So.... finally, we will shortly be relaunching a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter or Patreon, to pay our artist and colourist. This is the final stage, folks! Everyone who backs the campaign will receive a copy (we will have e-books AND physical copies) before it goes on general sale via Amazon.  There will be other perks for backers too - posters, button badges, bookmarks, etc.  Please check back or sign up to our email list so you don't miss out!  

Stay Safe, 

Elaine, Dan, Sue & Amanda & the Team

September 2021

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Images: top left, Dome by Dan Schaefer, coloring by Grant Kempster , above right: Mama, played by Kate Davies-Speak; Cyril the FarmBot voiced by David Learner (photos by Stephen R Cox)

Minding Mama logo by Amanda Fullwood

Above: the original Farmbot!  for more information go to:

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